A Kick In The Teeth May Be Good For You

“You may not apprehend it if it happens, but a bang in the teeth may be the best

thing in the apple for you.” – Walt Disney

When I apprehend this quote, I anon resonated with it. The bang in the teeth came for me if I absent one of the a lot of important sales in my adolescent sales career. While we never like accident a sale, sometimes if we do there can be some acceptable that comes from it. There abiding was the case for me. Here’s what happened.

I had been alive as an investment agent for about two years, and I wasn’t actual acceptable at it. Sometimes I’d accept a acceptable month, and a lot of added months were appealing bad. I was active paycheck to paycheck, and in between, I was active on my acclaim cards. In fact, my cards were maxed out afresh this occurred. I badly bare a auction to pay my rent, and if I could abutting one that day, I could ask the bang-up for an beforehand so I had some spending money for the weekend.

Luckily, I had beatific a announcement to a solid applicant who purchased a allotment in every accord I beatific him. And luckily again, we had a new accord that had just been released, so I Federal Expressed it to him and was anxiously searching advanced to closing him. If he did his accustomed one assemblage in the new deal, I would acquire $1,000 – just abundant for hire money and $200 larboard over for the weekend.

It was a Friday, a hot day in backward May, and I came into the appointment with a bit of a animation in my step. I was activity a admixture of hope, balmy enthusiasm, and just a little bit of fear. Mostly, though, I was appealing abiding my applicant would buy and that I would skate through addition ages of existence.

The appointed time came, and I dialed my client’s buzz amount and he best appropriate up. I told him I had been searching advanced to speaking with him and asked if he had accustomed the new program. What he said next was the bang in the teeth I hadn’t expected…

He said, “I did get it Mike, and afterwards searching at it, I anticipate we’re traveling to canyon on this one. Accord me a alarm on the next one.” Afresh he afraid up on me.

Devastated, shocked, afflicted with dread, these and abounding added abhorrent affections abounding me. I stood captivation the receiver to my ear until the fast beeping came on. Slowly I afraid the buzz up, and my thoughts confused to how I was traveling to pay the rent, put gas in my car for the weekend, etc. I was basically ruined.

I went for a continued airing in the calefaction of the San Fernando Valley, and abounding things went through my apperception like how did I anytime get into sales to activate with; what I was traveling to do afterwards I abdicate the job that day; what was traveling to be altered for me at my next job; what was traveling to become of me…

And afresh addition anticipation occurred to me. I anticipation that if I abdicate this job as a loser, afresh I’d just abdicate afresh if and if the traveling got boxy at my next job. Afresh I started cerebration of the top three producers at my present company, and anticipation of the nice cars they drove, the nice apparel they wore, and about the houses they owned. And I accomplished that if they could be acknowledged there, afresh I could too.

In fact, I fabricated a charge appropriate afresh and there. I committed that I would apprentice and activate accomplishing aggregate they were doing, and that I wouldn’t accord up until I, too, had become a top producer. My mantra became: If they can do it, I can do it better. I was ailing and annoyed of getting ailing and tired, and I committed to alive harder, advance time and activity (and money) in myself, and that I was traveling to do any and aggregate I could to accomplish afore I gave up.

Over the advance of the next 90 days, I went from endure abode in sales production, to aboriginal place. I actually adapted my sales achievement and my life. I did it with adherence and harder work. I was the aboriginal being in the appointment and the endure to leave. I formed nights and weekends alert to my recorded calls and fabricated adjustments to my scripts. I affected the techniques of the top producers and visualized astounding results. I was driven; I was willing.

I had accomplished the bang in the teeth that is acceptable for you, as Walt said. While it acquainted abhorrent to accept that applicant not buy from me that day, I now apperceive that if that if he had, I would accept gone on active duke to mouth. I didn’t apperceive it then, but if he said no, it was the alpha of a new charge and a new life.

Today, if something doesn’t go as planned, I ask myself what I can learn, and how this can be acceptable for me.

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